Best Acer Laptops Being Provided with the Most Affordable Price In Sylhet Bangladesh

Acer Inc. is located in Taiwan and was founded by Stan Shih and Carolyn Yeh, who is his wife and 5 others in 1976 as Multitech. Acer Inc or more commonly known as Acer is a Multinational Hardware and Electronics Corporation which is headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City. Acer’s product line up is comprised of Laptop PCs, Displays, Desktop PCs, Smartphones, Servers, Storage Devices, tablets, Virtual Reality Devices and Peripherals. Acer also has a sub-brand, which is Predator, that sells Gaming PCs and Accessories. In the middle of the Year 2000, Consumer based Notebooks were the only reason behind the growth of PC industry. This growth was possible because of the surprisingly low overheads and high dedication to the channel. This made Acer become the top beneficiaries of this trend. Acer bought Gateway from the USA and Packard Bell From Europe in 2007, which led them to become the World’s 3rd supplier of computers and 2nd supplier of notebooks. This huge achievement helped out their profit margin and from there Acer aspired to become the World’s largest PC vendor.

Acer Laptops Are with Top Configuration Specification

Unique Computer is providing you with numerous variants of State of the Arts Acer laptops with different budget ranges which are affordable for all customers. We also have for you Gaming Variant Laptops in our shops too. Acer Laptops are able to fulfil all the desirable customer needs starting from study purpose laptops to Gaming and Editing laptops. Unique Computer is providing you with the most affordable pricing laptops in the market so that you can get your desired laptop within your budget. Each of these laptops have high configurations and are also able to be configured to your needs too.

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